First Grade

Mrs. Kim Garroutte - Lead Teacher

Mrs. Kelsey Rose - Music Teacher

First grade will expand on Kindergarten skills with the emphasis on developing math, reading, and writing skills to enable the child to read and write for pleasure.

  • Bible-Bible stories and Bible memory verses will be incorporated daily into class curriculum.
  • Math concepts-Addition and subtraction using real-life scenarios(word problems), units of measurement, and timed tests to develop math mastery.
  • Reading-Phonics(short vowels and long vowels) are incorporated into the structured reading program. Students will progress through pre-primers and Reading for Christian Schools textbooks.
  • Victory Drill books-will help develop sight reading mastery.
  • Language/grammar-exercises will be used in developing writing skills. Emphasis will be given to capital letters, ending puncuation, possessives, and plurals.
  • Spelling list-will be used to master words related to weekly concepts.
  • Music-Expanding Kindergarten music theory with singing and chord recognition, familiarity with the grand staff, and being able to sing in tune.
  • Physical Education-President's Physical Fitness, sports, and cooperative games.
  • Social Studies, Science, Art-units will be based on seasonal themes.