2nd-6th Grades

Mrs. Melissa Gowan - 2nd Grade Lead Teacher

Mrs. Cheri Beuving Tussey - 3rd Grade Lead Teacher

Mrs. Tiffany Perry - 4th Grade Lead Teacher

Mrs. Luayne Wright - 5th-6th Grade Lead Teacher

Mrs. Kelsey Rose - Music/Art Teacher

  • Bible-Bible stories and Bible memory verses will be incorporated daily into class curriculum.
  • Mathematics-Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and other Mathematical concepts will be taught based on grade level. Speed Drills will be used to develop mastery.
  • Reading-Our goal is to expand our reading horizon by trying a variety of books that are appropriate to each grade level. The online Sylvan Book Adventure program will be used to help with comprehension and provide an incentive for continued reading.
  • Victory Drill books-will help develop sight reading mastery.
  • Language Arts-Grammar and writing concepts will be emphasized daily through a systematic approach. A basic concept of writing paragraphs and reports will be taught according to grade and skill level. Spelling and vocabulary lists will be used to master words related to weekly concepts.
  • Music-Children will build upon their music skills with various instruments and singing.
  • Physical Education-President's Physical Fitness program, sports, and cooperative games.
  • Computer-basic keyboard skills, basic Microsoft word skills and how to search for research information using a safe and content filtered search engine.
  • Social Studies-Depending on grade, will be studying California history, American history or world history.
  • Science-science taught based on creation
  • Art-units will be based on seasonal themes