7th Grades

Mrs. Aimee Nord – 7th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Luayne Wright – Science Teacher

Mrs. Kelsey Rose - Music/Art Teacher

Mr. Daniel Walker – PE Teacher

  • Bible Study-Consistent learning of truth from God’s Word.
  • Mathematics-Pre-Algebra, may be supplemented with applicational math.
  • Literature-A number of historical novels will be used along with other reading assignments appropriate for Junior High comprehension to provide growth in understanding.
  • Writing-Grammar and writing concepts will be emphasized as students write letters, produce outlines, book reports, essays, short stories, research papers, and write about historical events and people.
  • Music-Students will continue to build on acquired musical skills, instruments and singing.
  • Computer-Students will have emphasis in basic keyboard skills, basic Microsoft program use, coding, and using online information for research purposes.
  • History-World History will be the emphasis.
  • Science-Creation and Life Science will be taught with emphasis on Human Anatomy.
  • Art-Students will be taught using various artistic materials and encouraged in creative expression.
  • PE–Program will emphasize physical fitness and key skills in various sports and activities
  • Second Language -Students will participate in curriculum to learn Spanish.